<% ' *********************************************** ' A procedure for opening a secondary window ' *********************************************** ' Function attributes are as follow: ' height: Defines the height of the window in pixels. Percentage values don't work. ' width: Defines the width. Again, you'll have no joy with percentages. ' left: Supported by version 4 browsers and above, this sets how far removed the window appears from the left of the screen. In pixels. ' top: Partner to left, this pushes the window off the top of the screen. ' resizable: Set to true or false, this may allow the user to resize the window. ' scrollbars: Another Boolean value, this adds scrollbars to the new window. If your content may be longer then the dimensions you've specified, make sure this is set to yes. ' toolbar: Specifies whether the basic back/forward toolbar should be visible. If there are links to follow in your new page, set this to yes. ' menubar: Specifies whether the main toolbar (File, Edit, ...) is shown. ' location: Specifies whether the location toolbar (address bar) is shown. ' status: Specifies whether the new window can have a status bar. Best set to yes. ' directories: Specifies whether the directories toolbar is shown (Links toolbar in IE). ' fullscreen: Internet Explorer-only Boolean attribute which may open the window in fullscreen. It's annoying don't use it. ' dependant: Netscape 4-only attribute which makes the popup dependant on the status of the main window. If the main window is closed, the popup closes with it. ' screenX & screenY: Old Netscape attributes for defining the window's position on the page. Use left and top in their place. ' ----------------------------------------------- %> <% ' =============================================== %>


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Intimacy one feels in a relationship can be described as openness toward another person and closeness to him/her.

Intimacy carries the comfort of sharing feelings, mutual respect and honesty, and a willingness to be vulnerable.

The need for intimacy involves the needs for belonging and for the very basic human contact.

Unlike commitment, which evolves gradually, intimacy can be sensed by one immediately upon meeting another person.  However it continues to grow throughout the relationship.

What types of relationships require commitment? What types of relationships require intimacy?

Actually, all successful long-term relationships are made possible only by the presence of a mutual commitment, or they will eventually fail.  Common examples are: marriage, tight partnership and friendship. Friendship and marriage are good examples to relationships that flourish on intimacy.  Intimacy is also an important component in one's search for a consultant or mentor.

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