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Relationship Feasibility

Astrologic Goal: To derive at the feasibility of the relationship.

Method: Comparing both charts together and notating what planets are in the other personís houses, and signs, and doing that from the angle of each person. Each will perceive the other differently. And each will perceive the impact of the planet in the otherís house in a different way.

The first consideration in looking at Synastry is the type or purpose of the particular relationship. For each kind of partnership, there are different planetary emphases.

Teacher /Student relationship: Mercury (basic knowledge), Jupiter (higher education and broader philosophic understandings), and Saturn (teacher role as organizer, disciplinarian, and taskmaster) weigh the most.

Romantic relationships: Sun (affecting romantic attractions), Mars (affecting male principles), and Venus (affecting female principles) are the cardinal planets. Some important comparative aspects are Venus/Mars, Venus/Moon, Venus/Sun, Venus/Uranus, and Venus/Pluto.

Marriage carries the same considerations as a romantic relationship, but Saturn is added to the equation due to its ability to deal with responsibility, patience, and discipline in a relationship that involves everyday little interactions.

Business and Professional partnerships: In addition to all other characteristics of durable and viable long-term relationships, we qualify the relationship by three other criteria:

Compatibility in finances: represented by aspect relationships between Venus & the Moon, 2nd house Ruler aspects, and Planets in 2nd house of either person. 

Compatibility in professional affairs, ambition for public recognition, and career goals: These are seen in the aspect relationships between Mars and Saturn, the 10th house and ruler of the 10th house, and planets in the 10th house of either person. 

Compatibility in know-How, intelligence in regard to everyday commonsense, and natural aptitude in the business issues at hand: These are seen by looking at Mercury, the 6th house and ruler of the 6th house, the Interactions in the charts between Mercury and the 6th house, and planets in the 6th house of either.

Parent-Child relationships: Where the impact of Saturn is most significant.


One question comes up often regarding the analysis process: ďIsnít it unlikely that a person from the 21st century, and one who functions at an aboriginal level in the Australian outback are going to create a successful partnership?Ē

Indeed, relationships between real people can best exist between those of similar evolutionary position, no matter how well their charts look together. Measuring evolutionary development is certainly difficult, and we can offer only a partial compensation by evaluating similarity in the following connections between the parties:

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto: in closer conjunction to angles;

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto: in exact aspect to other planets especially the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ruler of Ascendant, and strong Mercury (for similar levels of intelligence and communicative ability);

Strong Saturn for the capacity for self-discipline;

Strong Sun, for level of basic power and will.

Other influencing aspects on a relationship:

Suns in opposition, trine, sextile, parallel can provide an interaction pattern that is supportive. Suns are in square aspect show a continual butting of head to solve problems. Mutual receptions and parallels can overcome the square.

Both Moons in the same sign, shows a common emotional appreciation of problems.

The Moons in non frictional aspect to each other, in good aspect to otherís Ascendant, in good aspect to otherís Sun, in good aspect to otherís Jupiter, or in good aspect to otherís Mercury, enhance compatibility.

Moons afflicting each other or Moon afflicting the otherís Sun trigger a clash of personalities.

Oneís Venus parallel to otherís Mars is beneficial for love and happiness to continue throughout the relationship, especially in fixed signs or angular houses. And so are:

Venus parallel to otherís Uranus - especially in fixed signs or angular houses; 
Venus parallel to otherís Saturn - especially in fixed signs or angular houses; 
Venus harmonious aspect to otherís Mars - especially in fixed signs or angular houses;

Venus harmonious aspect to otherís Uranus - especially in fixed signs or angular houses;

Venus harmonious aspect to otherís Saturn especially in fixed signs or angular houses (which gives modesty, tact & diplomacy).

Jupiter aspecting Mars provides optimism when needed. Jupiter aspecting Venus provides the same only with less intensity.

Jupiter aspecting Venus in the 10th house might show financial gain by the marriage. Jupiter in non-frictional aspect to- or parallel with- Uranus might give unexpected windfalls.

Uranus aspecting Venus or Mars prompts sometimes love at first sight. Permanent relationship is likely to follow if the aspect is angular.

A powerful mark of true synergy is the Nodal Axis - if there is an aspect by square or opposition or inconjunct or conjunct between the special planet, Ascendant or Mid-Heaven.


Here are some examples of how these relations impact the relationship:

Ascendant: A core event connects to the supremacy of each personality by itself, and how they combined look to the world.

Mid-Heaven: Parties are connected to career issues, with a shared sense of personal destiny.

Sun or Moon: A deep mutual recognition, a belonging to one another.

Mercury: Focused in the mind and thinking processes, and communication.

Venus: Romantic perceptions of reality.

Mars: Aggression and defensiveness, along with strong sexuality in follow-up, the fight then wild sexual make-up.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm, understanding, learning.

Saturn: Controlling circumstances, mutual manipulations.

Uranus: Intense and electrifying shared magnetism.

Neptune: Deception or mistrust, or a shared fantasy or aesthetic appreciation.

Pluto: Shared empowerment and resolve.


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