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Relationships: You And The Famous (Your Connection To The Stars)


By TG Magazine, Italy March 2006


How much do you have in common with Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt and Demi Moore? If you always dreamt of being involved with an international celebrity, it's time you found out what your chances are of making them fall in love with you or having a relationship with them. All you have to do is enter a few personal details - such as your birth date - and send them off with a click of your mouse. Within minutes, your questions will be answered and you will find out whether your dreams can become reality.

This is one of America's authoritative sites dealing with "relationships" or interpersonal relations. It will provide you with useful tips and analyses as to how to improve your relationships with your colleagues and life partners. The segment on "You & the famous" contains a very long alphabetized list of stars:


From Al Pacino to Woody Allen and anywhere from Britney Spears, David Beckham, George W. Bush, Nicole Kidman, Tony Blair and Shakira in between. The list includes celebrities from all walks of life: music, film, politics and sports. Almost all of them are there - or at least the most famous among them: those we would all like to share a personal relationship with, at least once in a lifetime.

To test the extent of your compatibility with any of the celebrities, all you have to do is click on them in order to read about the most hidden aspects of the VIP in question. Once you enter your personal details, the results of your compatibility test with the chosen celebrity will be e-mailed to you.


The analyzed sections are divided between emotional relationships and work-related ties: long-term relationships, romance, friendship, sexual attraction and a long list of relationships in which the assumption is that you are the boss, the consultant, the employer or the spiritual guide of the VIP you have selected.

In any case, you will be told to what extent the intensity of the cosmic energies support the different types of relationships and to what degree of passion, commitment and intimacy the relationship will be able to function or not.


Want an example?

About Paris Hilton we are told that she needs love and affection and that in relationships, she develops a very childish and dependent behavior toward her partner. She experiences a great deal of difficulty with social relationships, but her basic character is warm, healthful and full of understanding toward others. Nonetheless, she has a very unconventional and open attitude toward sex, romance and love. The relationship that suits her best is one that is intellectual and spiritual with a partner that allows her ample space and does not show a tendency toward jealousy and possessiveness.


The site also provides each and every celebrity's astral profile, which is very useful for pinpointing compatibility or the lack thereof. The results of your chances and potential compatibility with the celebrity you have selected from the point of view of mutual passion, intimacy, commitment and synergy are based on mathematic and astral calculations.


Want to know something about David Beckham? When it comes to romantic relationships, he prefers intelligent women with a well-honed sense of humor to women with merely outward beauty. He loves women who make demands and look for answers and in order to be fulfilled in a relationship, he needs to share ideas, places and opinions and always learn something new with his partner.

And if Madonna has crossed your minds, you should know that she always loves to be the center of attention and cannot tolerate suffocating relationships; however, all things told, she is hopelessly romantic and an idealist.


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