How is Your Self-Esteem?

Self-Esteem AssessmentFind out the level of your self-esteem by selecting the statements you feel most comfortable with.

Even if you were once considered an individual of low self-esteem, you might find it worth your while to take this assessment periodically and watch how your level of self-esteem changes through the different phases of your experience and growth.

The results will not only reveal your level of self-esteem, but will also tell you where you stand in relation to the general population.

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1.Much of my time is spent daydreaming. *
2.I have a lot of confidence in myself. *
3.I wish I were someone else quite often. *
4.I am a likable person. *
5.I have fun with my family. *
6.Nothing ever bothers me. *
7.Speaking in front of a group is very difficult for me. *
8.I’d like to be younger than I am. *
9.I would like to change a number of things about me. *
10.I am decisive. *
11.I am fun to be around. *
12.It is easy for me to get upset when I am at home. *
13.I never do the wrong thing. *
14.I am proud of the work I produce. *
15.I need to be told what to do. *
16.New things or situations take me a long time to get used to. *
17.Many times I do something that I regret doing later. *
18.I am popular with people in my age group. *
19.My family takes my feelings into account. *
20.I am always happy. *
21.My work is the best I can do. *
22.In disputes I give in quickly. *
23.Usually I am able to take care of myself. *
24.I am fairly happy. *
25.I prefer the company of people younger than me. *
26.I feel my family’s expectations of me are too high. *
27.I like everyone. *
28.Being singled out in a group is okay with me. *
29.I know myself. *
30.Being me is not easy. *
31.My life confuses me. *
32.My ideas are valued by other people. *
33.I get very little attention at home. *
34.I am never admonished. *
35.I am not satisfied with the quality of my work. *
36.I can make a plan and stick to it. *
37.I do not like being the gender I am. *
38.I don’t think much of myself. *
39.I dislike being with other people. *
40.There are many times when I would like to run away. *
41.I never have a shy moment. *
42.I get upset a lot. *
43.I feel ashamed of myself quite often. *
44.Most people look nicer than I do. *
45.I usually have no problem speaking my mind. *
46.I get picked on a lot. *
47.I am understood by my family. *
48.I never lie. *
49.My boss makes me feel my work is not adequate. *
50.What happens to me is of no consequence. *
51.I think I am a failure. *
52.Admonishment upsets me deeply. *
53.I am not a likable person. *
54.I think my family pushes me too much. *
55.I am never at a loss for words. *
56.I am easily discouraged. *
57.Things rarely upset me. *
58.I am not dependable. *

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